Things I Am Loving Today....

Good Things About Today

1. Absolutely glorious sunshine right now (yes, it was hailing this morning but right now it is gorgeously sunny and that is a very good thing)

2. My lovely brother has come to stay for two days...we all love having him around, he's the funny brother/uncle/brother in law and he makes us smile :)
(It is a strange but true thing that secretly my husband and I both find him funnier than we find each other!!....having my brother to stay can be a bit like the episode in "Friends" where Chandler tries to prove to Monica that he's "the funny one", my husband suddenly starts madly telling jokes! Luckily we have all known each other a very long time!!)

3. I went out for lunch with my daughter and have ordered food to be delivered for beautifully spotless kitchen will last at least until the morning and will enjoy every minute of it :)

4. I don't believe in keeping things "for best" or special occasions, I think you should use things every day and simply enjoy a mad spring-cleaning drive at the week-end, I found quite a few things that I love but had put, they're all out and I am loving it :)

5. Fresh cream Victoria Sponge....made on Sunday....simple and delicious.

6. I took half an hour to just read this afternoon...something I very rarely do. Am currently (and finally) reading "Brick Lane" by Monica Ali....excellent so far.

7. I think my Summer Reading List is now complete - will order tonight....I do love new books, especially a pile of them. (Will share my list later this week and have a great giveaway to accompany it). 

8. It's June tomorrow. No idea where the year has gone but that must mean that summer is one day nearer. As is the beach.

9. I found a song that I love (actually, it's one my husband told me about) and I have had it on repeat all day long on iTunes. What can I's a happy song that makes me want to dance and who doesn't love that :)

10. Evening sunshine.
All I can see from my kitchen window is green leaves and sunshine dappling on my blinds....fabulous. I love it when a day ends like this.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday Monday....

....and that is just what I will be doing on this overcast, cold and cloudy holiday Monday :)

It feels like a day for reading a good book, clearing out some cupboards, baking a cake and relaxing with a large mug of Earl Grey tea....wish me luck!

Brand Alley UK

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Happy Holiday Monday!!

Shoes for Little Ones....

Girls here

Chipie for girls - here

El Naturalista here

Birki's - here

Birki's here these!

Crocs....always great for the summer & the

Palladium boots here

Camper sandals here

Bensimon canvas flats (super-comfy!) here

I am always on the lookout for great shoes for my two children - my 10 year daughter who is becoming more fashion-conscious but still needs to be age appropriate (and in fact is only about one and half shoes sizes smaller than me!) and my 5 year son who happily lives in the same pair of shoes day in day out and only requires that he can run fast in them.

My children don't have to wear school uniform (sadly) so their shoes need to be durable and practical. The summer is approaching fast and I need sandals for both of them - last year my son lived in Camper sandals and Crocs and my daughter wore Birkenstocks and Crocs at the beach.

I love the Birki's featured above and the Camper sandals from last year never wore out even with months of wear....all the above are available from the Spartoo website which I recently discovered - it carries a huge range of brands, has free delivery and free returns.
Click here to see more from them.

Happy Shopping!!

Friday Fabulousness....

Elegance personified....the very handsome Oscar de la Renta....

Friday at last, made it through the week....and now we have a week's half-term holiday from school....hurrah!!

Thank you for the all the fantastic book suggestions earlier this week (see here )....I have placed my Amazon order and look forward to some great new books :)

As always, I have a few ideas for the holidays. some things I would like to get done....but actually my main aim is to just breathe.

I have had some hectic and challenging times recently with my Dad being ill....and if I have learned anything, it is that we should notice the very little things, hang on to the moments and not stress about completing the to-do lists (which only seem to get longer anyway....).
Be in the moment, it is all you have.

I have shared a little recently about my Dad and what is going on right now.....
when I arrived at the hospital yesterday he was asleep...
sleeping so peacefully that I sat for about 45 mins just watching him sleep.
He had a smile on his face the whole time, dreaming of who knows what.

He only awoke when the consultant arrived to check on him....
and when they asked my Dad who I was, he didn't know.....
It has been heading this way for a few days now but you can only imagine how I felt....

But actually, on the way home all I could think about, and hang on to, was his smile and his peaceful face. I had to.

I say this without wishing to be melodramatic or cliched....but when it comes down to it, life is truly about the little things. Do not forget to notice them.

(Next week will be my 500th blogpost so I will be having a special giveaway!)

(photo posed by models)

SS11 365 468X60 (1)


La Belle Charlotte....

....the second that I spotted this photo of Charlotte Casiraghi at the recent amFAR Gala, I fell totally in love with it...vintage Chanel, isn't it exquisite?

The epitome of French chic, the daughter of Princess Caroline and grand-daughter of Princess Grace of Monaco, this beautiful girl has poise, glamour and beauty in spades.

Summer Dreaming: Floral Bouquets

Spending the summer dreaming about floral bouquets in all colours and varieties? Roses, tulips, orchids, carnations, and daisies can give an ordinary space something beautiful and extraordinary. Gathered in a vase, planted in a colourful pot or presented individually in glasses, floral bouquets are the perfect decor accent. Display under an array of light fixtures and flowers become the room's centrepiece.

Punch of Colour

Eclectic Revisited (via)

An intimate sitting corner is jazzed up with a bright bunch of pink and white blossoms - a floor lamp and antique mirror make this space oh-so-stylish.

Pretty in Pink

theLENNOXX (via)

A grouping of delicate pink peonies provide balance against a concrete dining room table. The overhead chandelier definitely adds sparkle and drama into this lovely dining area.

Fabrics and Floral

Flowers of the States (via)

Floral bouquets can be the prominent design of a room when an arrangement is mimicked in fabrics, such as bedding and linen, table lamp shades or curtains.

White Petals

Design Concepts/Interiors (via)

As subtle as they may seem, white orchids in a sophisticated living room lends an organic feel packing major punch.


DecorPad (via)

Summer floral bouquets always look perfect when perched in a window, particularly in a bathroom. A claw foot tub and wall sconces offer a little old and new.

Rainbows of Blooms

theLENNOXX (via)

Forget about sticking to just one shade - mix up the colours of flowers and let them play off of the vibrant pieces in a room, like benches, wall prints and table lamps.

Indoor Garden

decor8 (via)

Mix floral bouquets with other greenery for an indoor garden display that's sure to be the center of attention.

Food and Fauna

theLENNOXX (via)

Buds in teacups, piled high on three-tier serving platters and tucked under napkin rings are the only ingredients needed for a summer-ready table setting.

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