Five Recipes : Pesto.

coriander basil pesto (with quinoa, avocado, peas & pistachio salad)

Both my children have changed a little recently with the foods they like & don't like....
they still like most things, they have never been remotely fussy eaters, but I guess they're a little older now & possibly their taste buds are changing.

Pasta with pesto sauce is an all-time favourite though - which hopefully they'll never grow out of.

I did an Italian cookery course a couple of years ago & one day we made our own pesto, which of course was completely delicious & had us vowing we would never buy it in a shop ever again
Of course, you can get some great pasta sauces in a jar but I honestly think there's nothing as good as homemade....and making your own pesto sauce is unbelievably easy....
if you've never tried it, you must!

For this week's "Five Recipes....", here are five of my favourite "pesto" recipes....

basic homemade pesto : 5 ingredients & 5 mins prep = easy peasy!

kale pesto (with pappardelle)

(all photos via the respective blogs, all recipes link back to the food blogs that I found them on).

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