House & Home : Farrow & Ball, A Painting Project.

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One of the things that I am learning about house renovations is just how many "projects" it involves. 

Yesterday I thought it might be both fun & productive to write a list of every single job we still need still to do or to finish, it would give us some focus....
when I got to no.129, I stopped. And that was only on the ground floor.
Clearly I need to change my definition of fun!

What we do currently have is an awful lot of unfinished projects....the kind of tasks that it wouldn't take much or long to complete, but somehow there is never quite enough time.
The plan for June is get a whole load of these jobs finished, before we start on the "big" stuff again.

Quite a few months ago, way before Christmas in fact, I started some painting projects.

Our house was/is very very brown. And rather dark & gloomy.
I'd happily paint the entire house & its contents white....but my husband would hate that!

So gradually we are painting - walls & furniture - various shades of white & the palest of greys.

For my first paint project & in order to achieve some fairly quick updating, I decided to paint & recycle furniture that we already owned or had in storage.

First on my list was a corner unit - owned previously by my in-laws.
Not a piece of great value but something that I thought it might be nice to keep in the house.

I chose Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White which is in fact a very very light grey.
I can't even tell you how much I love it, I honestly think it might be my favourite paint colour ever! It's timeless & classic whilst also looking very contemporary & chic.

I've painted walls but never furniture so followed the advice that a friend had given me.
Make sure you are painting on a clean surface, lightly give the furniture a quick sand first & don't rush!

I used Farrow & Ball's White & Light tone undercoat & primer - this item required two coats of this. I then used two coats of Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White.

I'm quite a messy painter but the good thing about painting an old (and not very valuable) item, is that it doesn't have to be perfect.

I had ordered a 2.5 litre tin of Cornforth White & a 5 litre tin of undercoat....the paint goes on beautifully - the "coverage" is excellent my husband informs me - and it also goes a very long way.

So far, I have painted a chest of drawers, a wooden kitchen chair & I'm now in the process of  painting a some freestanding bookshelf. And I still have paint to spare.

I have also painted an old fireplace which I found in my father in law's shed - I painted it in Farrow & Ball's All White Estate Eggshell & it's come up beautifully.
It needs to be mounted/placed correctly in the living room but I will share photos when it's completed, hopefully next month.

I have loved these paint projects, they've been enormous fun & very satisfying.
They can also be done in a fairly short amount of time - always a good thing!
It's so easy to give something a new look, it's also very addictive, you start wanting to paint everything - I also find myself spotting items that I don't really need in secondhand shops & imagining what colours I could use to upcycle them!

This project was part of a collaboration with Farrow & Ball.

Sponsored Post : World Baking Day - Who Will You Bake For?

I wrote earlier in the week about World Baking Day which is taking place today and, having replenished my store cupboard yesterday, today I spent several happy hours baking.

I began this morning by making one not but two bread doughs....
firstly, a super-simple basic white bread from Tana Ramsay's "Kitchen Secrets" book, I've made this many times & it's never yet gone wrong.
secondly, I attempted Rye Challah loaf which I had spotted on Pinterest.
Breadmaking is an acquired skill, I finished loaf looked good but the taste was probably an 8/10. Definitely one that I will try again though.

Next up, were banana bread scones - super easy to make & really delicious.
I ended up making three batches & took them to a friend's house for tea.
Who doesn't like someone who arrives with baked goods?!

I then needed a quick cookie recipe to take to a friend's garden/tea event so I made my favourite salted peanut butter chocolate chip shortbread.
These are some of the tastiest cookies ever, my children love them.

We were on a bit of a roll by this point, so my daughter decided to make a classic Victoria Sponge decorated with cream & strawberries for her best friend's birthday tomorrow.
I am always keen to encourage both my children to get involved with cooking & baking and so, even though the kitchen was rather a mess at this point, we got on with our fourth baking project of the day.

We've had such a lot of fun today in the kitchen & everyone got involved.
Nothing tastes as good as waking up to the smell of fresh bread or rolls baking and baking for someone or sharing tea & cake with someone is the simplest but very best of pleasures.

This post was sponsored by Stork, all words & content are my own.

Sponsored Post : World Baking Day - Who Will You Bake For?

I never really need a reason to bake but as May 17 is World Baking Day, I thought that instead of baking my regular tried & tested recipes, I would try something new.

I'm a much more confident baker than a cook & have always loved to bake since I was about 10 years old when I would make use my Mum's old cookery books to bake a Victoria Sponge for Sunday afternoon tea or lemon cookies as a treat for her.

World Baking Day involves pledging to bake for someone special - a family member, a friend or a colleague. 
Or perhaps a complete stranger....after all, who wouldn't appreciate something home baked? :)

There is something so therapeutic about's just a lovely way to spend time.
I prefer to cook when I have plenty of time, rather than having to rush....
but give me a cupboard full of ingredients, a pile of recipe books to follow, put the radio on & I can happily bake all day long.

I'm definitely not a perfectionist baker, in fact I'm not a perfectionist full stop.
No one is ever going to mistake my home-baked goods for shop-bought treats but, to me, that's the whole point....they're made with love & designed to bring happiness & comfort.

So what will I be making on World Baking Day?

Hot stuffed pretzels for my husband, banana bread scones for my friend E who will be opening her beautiful garden for charity that day, salted oatmeal cookies for tea & delicious rye challah for me, I love rye & I love challah :)

Want to join me in pledging to bake for someone you love? 
Who Will You Bake For?

This post is sponsored by World Baking Day & Stork....all words & content are my own.

House & Home : Affordable Artwork Under £100.

As most of our home is currently or is going to be or painted white or grey, I am planning to add colour to the rooms with artwork.

I've almost finished a gallery wall which is made up of photos found on Instagram - six completely different images all given to me by Instagrammers that I follow & who I contacted to see if they would be willing to share their work....happily for me, they all said yes.

I need a couple of large prints & my current favourite is the Bondi Beach print above - by Louisa Seton for Lumitrix.

The Affordable Art Fair which takes place in London in March & June is something that quite a few friends have attended & exhibited at, I've never been but plan to go this year.
The Fair features a huge range of artists with work for sale from £100 upwards.

There are plenty of online websites where you can find very affordable art....prints, photos & images.
I am a big fan of Ikea's box-style Ribba frames, I usually buy them in white & they come in all sizes.

It's a very easy & quick way to be creative & to change the look of your walls & your home.
It's also very addictive!

London's National Gallery via New Blood Art, a collection from outstanding emerging artists

"You Are Loved" print from BODIE and FOU, one of my favourite online stores

Radishes via here

Hand drawn map of London via Evermade

This is not a sponsored post!

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