Hampstead Heath, Saturday Afternoon. A Good Walk & A New Coat.

I've spent the last two Saturday afternoons trekking across Hampstead Heath, from Highgate Village via Kenwood House to Hampstead High Street.

My son enjoyed the first afternoon so much that he declared we should do it "every week"....
and we just might do that!

I love the Heath, it's the most beautiful green space ever....
I've been walking on it for years, in every different season, being there is completely blissful.

It's a huge space, you can cross it & walk it in so many different directions, I always think that if you walked it every single day for a whole year, you would still never walk the same path twice.

It's always full of runners & dog walkers & yet there is space for everyone...it's tranquil, stunningly lovely & just the perfect place for walking and talking.

We been there before as a family for picnics in the summer & to explore on a long walk in the autumn & in the snow, but on this particular afternoon a couple of weeks ago, my son embraced it as never before.

In fact, it was almost as if he was discovering this huge new playground, full of boggy grass, muddy puddles & climbing trees, for the very first time.
He could not stop talking & asking questions....
the wisdom & insight of a 9 year old is a wonderful thing.

And anything that connects children with nature, gets them outside, gets them talking & doesn't involve a screen gets my vote.

We got to our destination of Hampstead High Street late afternoon and after a large hot chocolate & a quick visit to the bookshop, we headed back, this time crossing the Heath in a different direction....it was almost dusk & felt very autumnal.

As we arrived back at Kenwood, we passed the House & walked up the short hill that gives you the most wonderful panorama of London as you reach the top, I don't think I've ever seen it at night, it was quite breathtaking. 

There is something incredibly uplifting about green spaces, cares seem to disappear & perspective appears in its place....
and there's nothing like listening to a 9 year old for a couple of hours to take your mind off yourself & remind you of the sheer joy of adventure & exploring :) 

My son often gets a mention on my blog but rarely appears on it in person....
he wanted me to tell you that this is his "best coat ever"!!
Fleecy inside with a quilted lining, a fur trimmed hood, two front zips, plenty of pockets & a bright orange inner part (his favourite bit)....
it's also a great length & mud can be wiped off it very easily.
It's part of the RJR.John Rocha range & I love it.

Look out for it criss-crossing Hampstead Heath in the coming Saturdays :)
all photos taken on phone via my instagram - follow me here

houses....Well Walk, Hampstead NW3
coffee....Melrose & Morgan, NW3
bookshop....Waterstones, Hampstead High Street, NW3
first photo....Kenwood House
last photo....view of the city from Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House entrance on Hampstead Lane
coat c/o Debenhams - RJR. John Rocha

Five Recipes : Banana.

I love to bake a cake on a Sunday afternoon, the kitchen is a always a good place to be, particularly on these dark winter afternoons....
my children can get involved, the radio is on, at the moment we usually have a house project or three going on & so a cup of tea or a hot chocolate & a slice of cake is the perfect thing to stop for.

I featured this delicious apple & banana cake with caramel cream cheese frosting on my blog last Sunday & as I have some very ripe bananas in my fruit bowl today, I figured some banana recipes would be perfect for today Five Recipes blog series. Enjoy!  

(all photos via the respective blogs, all recipes link back to the food blogs that I found them on).
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