House & Home : Grey Matter.

I've always loved the colour grey....
but my obsession grew ten-fold last weekend when I decided to paint an old chest of drawers that I'd found at the back of our garden shed.

In truth, the chest was in the shed because a) we didn't have space for it & b) whilst my husband loved it, I didn't. I might have even been hoping he would forget it existed & I was thinking about putting it on Freecycle or on the pavement outside my home for someone to claim & recycle.

Anyway, I remembered that my clever friend S had transformed her son's bedroom furniture with a couple of tins of I thought I'd do the same.

I happily went off to our local paint shop where I discovered that choosing the "right" shade of grey is easier said than done. Fifty shades indeed. 
I decided not to waste time on sample pots & opted for a very pale grey.

I was back in the shop very first thing the next day when it turned out the the grey I had chosen looked more white than grey when I got it home. Hmmmm.....
Anyway, after I had explained what I needed - I am guessing this happens to them a.lot - they added a bit of this & a bit of that & home I came with the perfect grey.

The paint that I chose is French Grey by Little Greene & it is gorgeous.....
the drawers are totally transformed. 
What was a dark shade of brown & quite old fashioned has become a beautiful, classic but also contemporary, piece of furniture which I absolutely love .

I should have taken before & after shots....
although I will be painting more items, next up is a tall corner cabinet. 
I have discovered that once you start painting, you want to paint everything, it's totally addictive!! And it's surprisingly quick & easy to do.

Little Greene have a wonderful range of greys & I am now thinking of painting one of our living room walls a very pale grey & possibly the bedroom's such a calm & classic colour.

I began browsing Pinterest for inspiration & these are some of my very favourite images....   

all images via Pinterest

Five Recipes : Garlic Bread.

(take one sourdough loaf & add parsley, garlic & butter = simple!)

Garlic bread....yet another food that is so quick & easy to make & which tastes soooo much better when it's homemade.
As part of this week's "Five Recipe" series, I am featuring five slightly different garlic bread recipes, all equally delicious!

(all photos via the respective blogs, all recipes link back to the food blogs that I found them on).
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